Although car brokering has been around for years, brokers have not been
available to everyone. Top executives and celebrities have used Car Brokers for
years, while the average guy has spent hours at dealerships trying to get the
same deals that only the privileged have received in the past.

While we take pride in helping these distinctive people, we believe that it is time
that others receive the same privileges of special auto pricing when it comes to
buying and leasing cars.

We are a fair and honest company and strive to deliver the highest quality of
service, as we serve our members with the highest ethical standards of absolute
honesty, integrity and fairness in the way that we conduct our business and the
way that we live our lives. We pledge to treat our members with loyalty, respect
and dignity as we represent them by exceeding their expectations in helping them
to fulfill their dreams through the auto buying/leasing experience.

We do not sell cars. We offer a service in car buying. We get the bottom line price so that you don’t have to spend your
time away from your daily obligations doing it yourself.

Our Goal is to

  • Find the car that you are looking for
  • Inform you of which manufacturers are the best to buy from now
  • Help you to get the needed documents together for approval
  • Help you to find the best finance rates available
  • Negotiate the best prices for you
  • Arrange for delivery to you at your home or office when possible
  • Make you a happy client

The Lease Factor